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Gifts to the Bloomington Tree Fund support the Urban Forestry Program, which provides trees and landscaping amenities throughout the city’s parks and public properties, including street trees.  In addition to the planting of new trees, the Bloomington Tree Fund is used to protect older, mature trees.  The Bloomington Tree Fund also supports annual Arbor Day celebrations, MCCSC Tree Fest, volunteer tree plantings on public property, and urban forestry education.

Gifts can be made in any amount to the Bloomington Tree Fund.   Additionally, you can remember a loved one or honor an individual with a donation to the Bloomington Tree Fund, or with the purchase of a tree, to be planted in one of Bloomington’s city parks.

Memorial/Honorary Tree Gifts

The Memorial/Honorary Tree package includes one tree, a 16″ x 16″ engraved limestone plaque, and maintenance of the tree after it is planted. The Parks and Recreation Department provides maintenance for the lifetime of the tree, and will replace trees if they die within 15 years after planting, or are damaged. Plaques are warranted for five years against theft or damages. In the event of future park development, your tree may be relocated or replanted.  The donation level for this package is $1600.  A tree without a plaque is offered for donations of $500.

Bloomington Parks and Recreation reserves the right to relocate trees within a park or to another city park. Due to weather considerations and seasonal planting schedules, it is not possible to pin­point an exact time your tree will be planted. Tree planting is customarily done during the spring and fall. Donors will be notified of the tree planting location in advance. Memorial/Honorary Tree orders received between June 1 and August 1 will be planted the following spring. Orders received during other times of year will be planted in the fall.

See Printable Donation Form Here:  Tree Fund Brochure