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Steve and Connie Ferguson Lead the Way in Donation of Trees

With the extensive damage caused by storms, the City is taking steps to plan for the restoration of one of its greatest assets: its trees. Mick Renneisen, the City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department Director, said, “Our focus now is to mitigate some of the storm-related losses we’ve sustained by strategically replacing our tree canopy as quickly as possible,” Renneisen said.

Those efforts have been boosted by community benefactors Steve and Connie Ferguson, who donated 100 three- to six-inch caliper (measurement of the diameter of the trunk) trees to the Bloomington Parks Foundation, and another 100+ trees to the Indiana University campus. “Trees are the gifts we will leave for the future residents of Bloomington,” Ferguson said. “We all benefit when we have an extensive and healthy streetscape, and when our community comes together to repair the damage of nature with contributions toward our future. This is the chance for everyone who lives in the city and enjoys its trees to help put new trees back on our city streets and in our city parks, where they belong.”

Mayor Mark Kruzan said trees are an important part of Bloomington’s community character. “We know the people of Bloomington are just as dismayed by the storm-realted losses of our tree canopy as we are,” Kruzan said. “But we were Indiana’s first Tree City USA, and we have been named a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation for the past 27 years, for a reason. It’s because citizens like Steve and Connie appreciate trees and all the benefits they provide.”

The Bloomington Parks Foundation is very grateful for Steve and Connie Ferguson’s generosity and commitment to the community’s future

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